What Happens Next?

A lot has been written about the death of a young boy with autism this past week while undergoing chelation therapy. I expect that this tragic loss will have an effect that will raise the level of accountability of those providing chelation treatments. I expect these changes will be brought on by:

  • Increases in lawsuits brought by families or individuals that were either not helped or suffered negative side-effects from the treatement
  • Pressure from management of medical institutions on the physicians practicing chelation therapy. The institutions will want to avoid both liability and controversy.
  • Increases in rates for malpractice insurance for chelation practitioners. The increases will make some practitioners raise their rates and others will stop providing this treatment because they can’t afford the increased cost.
  • Increased awareness of the risks which will get support organizations and governments more publicly addressing the controversy around the treatment.

I can’t predict whether these changes will be big or small. Some of these changes are a direct reflection of the health care and legal systems in the US and may not apply elsewhere. Whatever the scope of the changes, I hope and pray that they lead to avoiding another such tragedy.

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