That was Easy

We finally bought an easy button this week. In case you’ve missed it, the easy button is part of a marketing campaign by the office supply retail chain Staples. The slogan for the campaign is “That was easy!” To go along with the slogan, Staples sells large read buttons with the word easy in big white letters on the top. When you press the button, an electronic voice says “That was easy!”

A talking button is a pretty silly idea, which is exactly its appeal, at least to me. And the boys absolutely love it. I expected it to be just silly distraction, but after a few days, I see that it is actually a multi-purpose tool in a house with boys on the spectrum. Depending on the situation, pushing the button has been:

  • A new form of currency in a token economy.
  • An opportunity to share a little public celebration (RDI style) for any feat accompli.
  • A simple provoker of giggles and silliness.
  • All of the above.

I’ve already seen benefits worth far more than the $5 I paid for the button. I also admit to buying my own button on my desk at work.

Requisite disclosure: I don’t work for Staples or own Staples stock, or know anyone who does. However, I do confess to an almost compulsive need for neatness and organization and can wander the aisles at Staples for long periods of time, in much the same way that I can lose myself in a hardware store.

As soon as I publish this blog post, I’m going to go push the button! That was easy.

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2 Responses to That was Easy

  1. Dad Of Cameron says:

    Simple pleasures are great. Thanks for sharing this.
    Can you push the button for me too? This was an easy comment after all. ;)

  2. Shawn says:

    Dad of Cameron,

    The button has been pushed! And we still laugh every time we do it.


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