From now on, I will refer to the boys using nicknames. So far I’ve avoided using their names, even though I know that it’s still fairly easy to figure out who they are. My objective has always been simple: to keep their names from showing up on search engines with links to my blog. Using nicknames will enable me to meet that objective while not continuing to resort to cold descriptions such as “my middle son”. Carrie, Laura, and Ian’s comments to my last post were right on the money with their advice. Thanks for sharing it.

Unfortunately, we don’t consistently use any nicknames so I’ll have to make some up. Since all three boys have the middle initial “J”, I’ll use that as a starting point, but I won’t use their first initial, I’ll use a slightly different abbreviation.

So, I’d like to introduce the boys. LJ (for Large J) is my 20 year old NT son. He doesn’t live at home any more but he’s an important part of the family. MJ (for Medium J) is my 11 year old who was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome shortly before his 7th birthday. It was his diagnosis that brought us into the world of autism. SJ (for Small J) is my 7 year old who was diagnosed with PDD-NOS at age 4. SJ was diagnosed 8 months after MJ, so by then we were experts (Shawn says with a grin!) I planned on using other letters for initials but realized that Large, Medium and Small is a lot easier for readers to put in context. I like to keep it simple.

Now, onto my next post. . .

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