Little Red Schoolhouses

We took the family to Washington DC for a few days last week. Our hotel happened to be across the street from the US Department of Education (DOE). Considering all the work that we (and our sons’ PPT members) put into education, I was very pleased to see such obvious signs that the DOE is doing their part to help all of our children.

Their efforts can be seen in the pictures below. They have spent both the time and money to erect two little red schoolhouses at the four entrances to the DOE building. They even had the inspired vision to write No Child Left Behind on a fake blackboard over each entrance. Yes, that’s eight little red school houses, all helping to improve education for our children.

I feel so much better now.

Entrance to the US Department of Education Building

Entrance to the US Department of Education Building - Close Up

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4 Responses to Little Red Schoolhouses

  1. andrea says:

    Boy howdy, isn’t that special.

    At least one can tell the DOE apart from all the other generic office buildings…

  2. Ian Parker says:

    And the accessibility ramp doesn’t go through either of the two red schoolhouses.

    Symbolic or what?

  3. Shawn says:

    LOL, Ian!

    I noticed that the ramp when I saw the building but I hadn’t thought about it going around the schoolhouses.

    I guess employees with physical disabilities miss out on the infusion of morale that comes from entering through the schoolhouse.

  4. Wade Rankin says:

    The really sad part is that the DOE probably spent enough on those eight symbolic entryways that could otherwise have just about paid for a year’s salary of a full-time aide for one of our kids.

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