A Blogging Binge

My blogging is always been erratic, but I feel a writing binge coming on. I’m going to ride out this desire to write while it lasts.

The binge has it’s roots in many places. The past two weeks with the boys have been incredible. I finally saw X-Men III. Posts that I’ve had in my head since I started blogging over two years ago. Katie. The yearly planning of the parent support group my wife and I run. Emails I’ve exchanged with other parents this summer. A much needed break from focusing on my job. A sense of reflection stemming from an upcoming birthday (A Pirate Looks at Forty-Four).

The first post of the binge goes up before I go to bed tonight, before the pirate turns forty-four.

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2 Responses to A Blogging Binge

  1. Ian Parker says:

    Fourty-four is a good age (not that I would know anything about that, says another from 1963)

  2. Ian Parker says:

    I read up and don’t see another specific reference to ‘the day’ on which to say this, so Happy Birthday!

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