Mainstream Neurodiversity

While doing some casual surfing this evening, I found link to an article titled Top 5 Things Every Extrovert Should Know About Introverts. It’s on a blog about self improvement written by Brian Kim.

The themes in Mr. Kim’s post are very similar to those that many of us write about in relation to autism: acceptance, understanding, and avoiding judgments. He describes, in general terms, that introverts think differently than extroverts (just in case the extroverts reading the post are lacking in Theory of Mind).

Since I first heard the term neurodiversity, I understood that it applies to all of us, not just those on the spectrum. Mr. Kim has shown that he understands about neurodiversity, even if he’s never heard the term.

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2 Responses to Mainstream Neurodiversity

  1. Steve D says:

    Shawn –
    I have recently developed a relationship with a lifelong autism researcher who I describe in similar terms. She was “ND” before anyone had ever heard of “ND”.

  2. Ettina says:

    I read one introvert book I thought was quite good, until they stated categorically that what they said didn’t apply to people with ‘real disorders’ such as autism.

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