People That Understand You – Priceless

A few months ago, I wrote about people in Connecticut that were making a difference for individuals on the spectrum. MJ participates in a program called the FOCUS Alternative Learning Center that is run by one of the people I wrote about. FOCUS is a lot of things but is most simply described as an extended day program for kids on the spectrum. It’s a place where kids can be themselves, surrounded by supportive staff and their true peers, not the neurotypical peers that are usually thrust upon them. The kids at FOCUS often describe one of their biggest challenges is that other people don’t understand them. The FOCUS program is filled with people that understand them.

I immediately thought of the FOCUS program, and the adults and kids involved, when I saw the following on TV tonight. It’s so relevant that I’m going to risk being a shill for a credit card company and post a commercial on my blog.

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4 Responses to People That Understand You – Priceless

  1. Rose says:

    Thanks for the laugh!

  2. Leila says:

    I like this ad too… And the funny thing is, my autistic kid loves this song. I even downloaded it to our computer.

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