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Overheard at the PPT

School’s out and the rush of annual PPT meetings that many schools cram into May and June is over. As always, there were a few outlandish things said by school district personnel both during the meetings and in other discussions. … Continue reading

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This is not a post about recovery from autism. If that’s what you’re looking for, move along; there’s nothing to see here. Recovery is a powerful concept for me. The word itself evokes ideas of struggling against powerful forces such … Continue reading

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Same as It Ever Was

Back when MJ was a toddler, he showed an intense interest in lights and switches particularly those on cars. Lights on cars were great, and switches to turn them on and off were even better. The pervasive interest was an … Continue reading

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Mob Advocacy

I paid more attention to the story about Alex Barton than I have to any news story related to autism in a long time.  I even blogged about it myself three times.  Oops, this makes four.  Even my quiet little … Continue reading

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District Sends Teacher to the Office

The Palm Beach Post is reporting that kindergarten teacher Wendy Portillo has been reassigned to the school district offices while the district investigates a complaint against her. Ms. Portillo recently led her kindergarten class in a vote to remove one … Continue reading

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And a New Goat

As I posted yesterday, I think we have two new heroes in the kindergarten class at Morningside Elementary School in Port St. Lucie Florida. We probably, to some degree, also have a (scape)goat. Don’t get me wrong, the teacher, Ms. … Continue reading

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My Two New Heroes

I don’t typically blog about the latest news stories as I’m always a few steps behind other bloggers in keeping up with the news. Today is different. Today I found two new heroes in this news story. It’s not a … Continue reading

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While I’m currently burnt out reading books on autism, I enjoy finding something insightful about autism in a mainstream book.  I just finished reading blink by Malcolm Gladwell and found some unexpected references to autism. The theme of blink is … Continue reading

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Feeling Normal

MJ made an amazing comment this past week, but I need to explain the events of the past few months to put it in perspective. My wife and I have considered the family, in general, and MJ, in particular, to … Continue reading

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Things I Learned at Disney World

We finally made the trip to Disney World that we’d been planning for about a year.  Things have been rather challenging the past few months and we considered canceling up to a week before we left, but we decided to … Continue reading

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