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Look at Me – NOT

I had the privelege a few months ago to listen to a panel comprised of teens and young adults with ASDs speak to a large group about what it is like for them to be autistic. The audience consisted of … Continue reading

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Fitting In With Friends and Family

This past holiday weekend provided a reminder that the places in which our family fits in has changed over the years. Fortunately, although one changed for the worse, another changed for the better. We attended a large party on Saturday … Continue reading

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The X-Men Epic Morality Play

I finally got to see X-Men: The Last Stand (the third movie of the series) last night. I was never a big comic book fan but I’ve always loved a good epic story. The X-Men movies, and even the few … Continue reading

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A Blogging Binge

My blogging is always been erratic, but I feel a writing binge coming on. I’m going to ride out this desire to write while it lasts. The binge has it’s roots in many places. The past two weeks with the … Continue reading

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3 Things I Don’t Miss

I’ve written before that parenting, at it’s core, is not much different whether you are parenting a child on the spectrum or a neurotypical child. However, parents, like ogres, have layers and some of the outer layers are very different … Continue reading

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Little Red Schoolhouses

We took the family to Washington DC for a few days last week. Our hotel happened to be across the street from the US Department of Education (DOE). Considering all the work that we (and our sons’ PPT members) put … Continue reading

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Bullying is alive and well in our school districts but the nature of the bullying has changed. The administrators have turned the tables. While they have instituted ‘zero-tolerance’ policies regarding bullying of students, they have institutionalized another type of bullying. … Continue reading

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People I REALLY Want to Write About

I wrote this post about two months ago, during Autism Awareness Month. My blogging hiatus got in the way of the heavy editing that all my writing requires. I originally intended to title the post “Beyond Oprah”, but the current … Continue reading

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A Top 10 List for the Wrights

If I were the kind of person to give unsolicited advice, I’d offer some to Bob, Suzanne, and Katie Wright. If I were that kind of person, I’d probably post it on the internet and make an attempt to mix … Continue reading

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Parenting: Its Not That Different

Several months ago, Kristina posted a series of questions in a post at Autismland. One of the questions resonated with me and I’ve thought back to it regularly. Her question, and I’m paraphrasing, was “What’s different between parenting a child … Continue reading

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