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Mob Advocacy

I paid more attention to the story about Alex Barton than I have to any news story related to autism in a long time.  I even blogged about it myself three times.  Oops, this makes four.  Even my quiet little … Continue reading

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While I’m currently burnt out reading books on autism, I enjoy finding something insightful about autism in a mainstream book.  I just finished reading blink by Malcolm Gladwell and found some unexpected references to autism. The theme of blink is … Continue reading

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Jersey Boys

If someone had told me that I would write two posts in a row about Bruce Springsteen, on a blog about parenting children on the autism spectrum, I’d have thought they were crazy.  Maybe I’m the crazy one, because here … Continue reading

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SJ’s First Post

This week, 9 year old SJ said that he wanted to write a comment about autism on my blog. I told him that if he had something to write, he could write a post. Here it is, unedited: I am … Continue reading

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Is There Hope?!!!

The cover of today’s issue of Parade magazine found in many Sunday U.S. Newspapers has a cover story on Autism. The cover headline asks “Is There Hope for Autism?” Sorry for the language but, it pisses me off that, by … Continue reading

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Rants and Ramblings

A sudden surge in the demands of both parenting and work have kept me from writing lately. Here’s a few of the things I’ve been thinking about during my down time from writing. Rant: Jenny McCarthy. I admit that I … Continue reading

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People That Understand You – Priceless

A few months ago, I wrote about people in Connecticut that were making a difference for individuals on the spectrum. MJ participates in a program called the FOCUS Alternative Learning Center that is run by one of the people I … Continue reading

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Look at Me – NOT

I had the privelege a few months ago to listen to a panel comprised of teens and young adults with ASDs speak to a large group about what it is like for them to be autistic. The audience consisted of … Continue reading

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The X-Men Epic Morality Play

I finally got to see X-Men: The Last Stand (the third movie of the series) last night. I was never a big comic book fan but I’ve always loved a good epic story. The X-Men movies, and even the few … Continue reading

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A Top 10 List for the Wrights

If I were the kind of person to give unsolicited advice, I’d offer some to Bob, Suzanne, and Katie Wright. If I were that kind of person, I’d probably post it on the internet and make an attempt to mix … Continue reading

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