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A Donkey and Some Nutcrackers

MJ is always happy when he is making something. It can be building a Lego, baking cookies, or a number of other activities. A week or so ago he told me he wanted to make a video. The subject was his often performed rendition of the Christmas song Dominick the Donkey performed by a pair of nutcrackers. It was his video, so all I did was film it, letting the setup to him. I still laugh every time I see it. Continue reading

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What Would Aaron Sorkin Do?

Growing disillusioned while conducting my research, I thought back to a time when politics wasn’t so petty and ego driven. To a time when people in Washington cared about doing what was right. To a time when people not only did the right thing, but also engaged in interesting banter while walking down hallways. Yes, I thought back to a time when Aaron Sorkin was writing weekly episodes of The West Wing. To a time when 44 minutes of drama was enough to resolve political gridlock (88 minutes over two weeks for a particularly difficult issue). My thoughts eventually took me to this question: What Would Aaron Sorkin Do? Continue reading

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It’s been a long break from blogging for me. There’s no big reason behind it, just a lot of little ones. Here’s a sample of my rambling thoughts from the past few weeks. Next, it’s time for me to catch up on my reading.
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Random Thoughts from the ASA Conference

This year’s ASA national confernece was only a two hour drive from home. My wife attended for the whole conference and the boys and I joined her Friday night. A few thoughts on the short time I spent at and … Continue reading

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Leading by Example

Harriet McBryde Johnson is a lawyer, activist, and writer. She’s been mentioned in several other blogs recently, but when I read them, I failed to dig deep enough to get to know much about her. Continue reading

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That was Easy

We finally bought an easy button this week. In case you’ve missed it, the easy button is part of a marketing campaign by the office supply retail chain Staples. The slogan for the campaign is “That was easy!” To go along with the slogan, Staples sells large read buttons with the word easy in big white letters on the top. When you press the button, an electronic voice says “That was easy!” Continue reading

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Something’s Missing

The Autism Speaks video continues to generate discussion. Much of the response has been negative and with characterizations of the parents that included “whiny” and “selfish”. It’s been in these descriptions that I’ve noticed that something is missing. Continue reading

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Autism 7×24 (yes, nights and weekends too!)

I wanted to write a post with this title for a long time. The recent dialogue over the video provides an opportunity. Continue reading

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The Voices

No I’m not writing about hearing voices. This is just a little rant on something that I came accross the other day. Continue reading

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Top-Down and Bottom-Up

Changes in our communities generally fit into one of two categories. I call these categories top-down changes and bottom-up changes. The top-down changes are those that are initiated by government or other large organizations. The bottom-up changes are the ones initiated by individuals that grow one person at a time. While it seems that the top-down changes are the ones that have the most strength behind them, it’s the bottoms-up changes that make a difference. This is just as true in autism communities as in any others. Continue reading

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