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Two and a Half Stars, and No Flaps

The boys are on winter break this week and we took a trip to the movies. They love going the movies, even with the loud speakers. At many of the movies, both boys get obviously excited during the action segments. … Continue reading

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Experimenting With Drugs

There must be an election in our future. I keep hearing people utter the phrase “I experimented with drugs in my youth”. The only time someone says that is when someone is running for office. We’ve been doing our own … Continue reading

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The Meltdown

A meltdown bursts upon the scene With the fury of a winter gale The angry wind and driving rain Awaken tumult from the sea I must abide this raging storm That rocks this vessel we call home I lash myself … Continue reading

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When MJ was an infant, he played the role of baby Jesus in the Christmas pageant at LJ’s school. It was pretty special event. As I remember this pageant, I think about how important it is for me to always … Continue reading

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I can barely believe what I read tonight from my fellow bloggers. My heart breaks. Again.

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A Book

When the book meme was making it’s round on the autism blogs this past summer, one of the topics hit a nerve and stuck with me. The topic was “Name a book that changed your life”. I’ve read a lot of books but I couldn’t think of any that changed my life in a significant way. Still, I kept thinking back to the topic. Continue reading

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It’s Contagious

I made the trip to NYC yesterday to attend the Autism and Advocacy conference that Jim Fisher organized at Fordham University. It was an incredibly uplifting day. Continue reading

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Two Boys and Their Dog

About two years ago we got an assistance dog, a golden retriever named Stitch, for MJ and SJ (see my last post for an explanation of the initials). A lot of people ask questions about Stitch, so here’s a post with all the details. Continue reading

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From now on, I will refer to the boys using nicknames. So far I’ve avoided using their names, even though I know that it’s still fairly easy to figure out who they are. My objective has always been simple: to keep their names from showing up on search engines with links to my blog. Continue reading

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It’s been a long break from blogging for me. There’s no big reason behind it, just a lot of little ones. Here’s a sample of my rambling thoughts from the past few weeks. Next, it’s time for me to catch up on my reading.
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