What’s a colophon and why should you care?

A colophon is a term for page (usually in a book) providing information about the text and the writer. And it’s sounds a lot more cool than a page called “About this site”.

Why a Blog about Autism?

I’m writing this site primarily as a personal outlet for my thoughts and ideas. Hopefully it will lead to dialogue with others and provide some assistance to others that live ‘along the spectrum’. I get a lot of positive support from sharing experiences with other parents of children on the spectrum. I’m hoping this will lead to similar moments for both the author and the readers.

The Author

I’m the father of one typical son and two sons on the spectrum. Formally diagnosed with Asperger’s and PDD-NOS, they often appear so different that it’s hard to believe the disorders are so related. Along with my wife, I’ve been living with the symptoms since about 1998 and with the first diagnosis since 2002. We are currently running a support group for parents and families and remain committed to learning all we can about autism.

The Title

One of the first images I considered as a graphic for the site was a river with a path along side it. The river represented the journey my children are on and the path represented by my path, along the spectrum. The pictures been replaced, but I liked what the image represented.

The Cover Graphics

A jigsaw puzzle is often used as a metaphor for Autism, as there are so many missing pieces to our understanding. The puzzle pieces in this image are from one of my favorite pictures, of two of my favorite subjects.


It’s amazing how many people make the fruits of their efforts available on the internet for others to benefit. The software behind this site comes from WordPress. The WordPress Theme (page design and layout) that I used as a basis for the site comes from Chetan Kunte. I was really stuck until I found his PlainVanilla theme to use as a starting point. Tips on creating the puzzle pieces came from Digital Art Resources.
Thanks to all!

24 Responses to Colophon

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  2. Chris says:

    The most important thing to know about psychiatry is the complete lack of science behind it’s system of diagnosis and treatment. Autism has NEVER been proven to exist through observable physical pathology or objective tests such as blood tests, brain scans or X rays. Psychiatry is PSEUDOSCIENCE

  3. Maho says:

    I don’t have words to express how much I love you! I’m not going to miss you beacsue we’re going to stay connected. May God establish you in ways that surpass your dreams! May He provide for your every need. May He woo you to a deeper love and faith relationship with Him. And may He show you with great clarity, the road to your next place of promise.I love you dearly, my friend.Susie

  4. Juana says:

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  5. Thanks for your thoughts. It’s helped me a lot.

  6. Brayan says:

    I am so proud of Cody my son since you gals have been working with him and I want eoveyrne to know it too. I have always loved horses since I was a child and I wanted Cody to experience it too and he loves it as much as I do. His speech has greatly improved better than when he was in speech therapy and he has alot of fun. His self confidence has also improved as well. He speaks in complete sentences now that I can understand making our communication as well as our relationship all that more rewarding and I have Laurie Roberts and Bambi Spahr to thank for that. Keep up the good work gals. God bless, Cyndi

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