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Full Disclosure – Revisited

A few months ago, I wrote series of posts on the topic of disclosure of our children’s diagnoses of ASDs to themselves, their schools, and others. I advocated for full disclosure to our children, at the level they can understand. … Continue reading

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Full Disclosure – Part III: Everybody Else

For my last post on this topic, I’m going to change the definition of ‘full disclosure’. When it’s your blog, you can do things like that. I first wrote about being forthcoming about autism to our children on the spectrum. … Continue reading

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Full Disclosure – Part II: The School

Call me rigid and inflexible, but I think all children on the Autism Spectrum should be identified as autistic in their educational plans. Additionally every teacher involved with the student should know that they are autistic. Parents and professionals have … Continue reading

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Full Disclosure – Part I: The Kids

I know many parents of children on the spectrum that struggle over when they should tell their child that they have an ASD. I’ve never considered anything other than full disclosure at the earliest appropriate time. My motivation for this … Continue reading

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